Theralumen Immune Laser

The Theralumen Immune Laser system brings a historically effective therapy to present day application at an affordable price.  Over 80 years ago science discovered that exposing the blood to UV light had many therapeutic benefits.  Had it not been for the discovery of antibiotics in the 1930’s, the science of blood irradiation would probably be popular today.  Now that we have had years and years of treating infections with antibiotics the germs have become resistant to many pharmaceuticals.  Super bugs now threaten the general population and medicine is running out of options to stop these newly strengthened, drug-resistant killers.


Blood irradiation is an effective tool addressing this and other challenges we face in this modern, mobile, and complex world.  Science has known that UV and certain infrared light waves have positive benefits on unwanted germs, viruses and bacteria and keep them from reproducing.  What has been difficult is that traditional blood irradiation (exposing the blood to certain light) requires withdrawing blood from the body, exposing it to light, and then re-injecting it into the body.  This process is both expensive and risky.


With our Immune Lasers focused light is pulsed through specific bands of our proprietary frequencies and uses a sublingual application to strengthen the body’s own immune system.  People do all sorts of things to improve their immune system because we all know that a strong immune system will fight off most diseases and infections.  In general a strong immune system means good health.  While drinking green tea, taking vitamin C, and trying to keep up with the latest berry of the month from the Amazon Jungle can show marginal benefits, TLC has discovered a safe noninvasive procedure using focused light therapy to boost the body’s natural immune system.  When the bad pathogenic agents in the blood diminish, the immune system is given an opportunity to naturally combat and help overcome the remaining negative health challenges.  Certain wavelengths of focused light, when delivered to the blood vessels under the tongue, encourage the body to wake up a sluggish immune system.


When the immune system is weak or compromised the symptoms range from chronic fatigue and general weakness in the best cases, to much more severe problems such as staff infections, hepatitis, Lyme’s disease, and many other problems.  When the immune system is healthy it will combat many of these problems naturally, bringing them under control or in some cases even eliminating them completely.  The Immune Laser uses our patented system to deliver the positive benefits of light therapy where you need it most.


We recommend an initial one-month therapy package to give the immune system a helping hand to health.  Our system delivers five different specific sets of focused light frequencies through a quartz mouthpiece to the blood vessels under the tongue in three-minute applications.  The entire blood supply of the body passes through these blood vessels under the tongue every few minutes.  In our fifteen-minute sessions, the entire blood supply of the body is exposed to our proprietary light delivery system several times. This process stimulates the immune system and the body takes care of the rest.


While TLC Health Systems can make no specific claims or guarantees, many of our customers have documented their personal results.  They tell us that after their immune systems have improved the symptoms of many of them health issues they have struggled with for years have diminished or even disappeared.  Many of the have given us permission to share their experiences with you.  See for yourself.  A strong immune system can do amazing things.

We offer two different Immune Laser models, the TLC Clinical Theralumen and the TLC Personal Theralumen.

TLC Clinical Theralumen utilizes a combination of several innovations to deliver an extreme boost to the immune system. The Theralumen ™ device emits UV light in the germicidal and viruscidal, or UVC band, as well as visible light. For technical specifications on this model Click Here

TLC  Personal Theralumen utilizes the same technology and UV light frequencies as the Clinical Theralumen, however the MHS Personal Theralumen is designed specifically for the individual or family to use at home.  Using the TLC Personal Theralumen laser is easy to use and a way to boost your immune system in a home setting. For technical specifications on this model  Click Here

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